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Genomics for Social Scientists
Workshop Series

Welcome to the Genomics for Social Scientists Workshop Series, sponsored by the National Institute on Aging and hosted at The University of Michigan. The workshop series aims to familiarize researchers with genomic and epigenetic data and provides hands-on training on incorporating these data into social science analyses. Since 2017, over 250 scholars from around the world have participated in the workshop series, which offers a multitude of opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration among attendees and feedback from University of Michigan investigators and course instructors.

Genomics for Social Scientists- Introduction focuses on providing researchers with genetic data and hands-on training on incorporating genetic information into social science analyses. This course is designed to primarily benefit researchers who already have experience conducting statistical examinations of behavioral traits, but who may have little or no genetic or biological training.

Genomics for Social Scientists- Epigenetics focuses on familiarizing researchers with epigenetic data and to provide instruction on best practices for incorporating these data with social science analyses. The workshop provides reasonable, hands-on training for researchers wanting to analyze epigenetic data in social science research, using the newly released HRS epigenetic data as a model. This workshop highlights the unique and powerful aspects of analyzing epigenetic data in combination with social science data.