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Genomics for Social Scientists – Epigenetics

January 2025 (VIRTUAL)

$0 course fee

Maximum 30 participants.

Applications will open in Fall 2024.

This workshop will be held VIRTUALLY.

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Researchers from the University of Michigan invite you to apply to the Genomics for Social Scientists – Epigenetics workshop, which will be held virtually, January 2025 (specific dates forthcoming). The purpose of this NIA sponsored workshop on epigenetic research is to familiarize researchers with epigenetic data and to provide instruction on best practices for incorporating these data with social science analyses. The workshop focuses on providing reasonable, hands-on training for researchers wanting to analyze epigenetic data in social science research, using the newly released HRS epigenetic data as a model. Epigenetic data provide challenges and opportunities that are distinct from both genetic and social science data. The workshop uses a mix of live lectures, discussions and hands-on labs. Labs will utilize file formats that are identical to the HRS epigenetic data formats so that students will be able to easily apply their lab work to HRS (and many other studies’) data. This workshop highlights the unique and powerful aspects of analyzing epigenetic data in combination with social science data and will offer opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration among attendees and with UM investigators.

Topics covered include:

Collecting genetic material for methylation analyses, quality control, data reduction (creating clocks and surrogate measures), EWAS, and available online resources.

Please note that this workshop is VIRTUAL. Participants should be available from 12 pm-2 pm ET for live Zoom lectures and discussions. Lab sessions will be live on Zoom and recorded from 2:30-5 pm ET and can be attended live or watched before the next day’s lecture.

Applications for the course include a recent CV and a 1 page statement of training and interest. It is expected that students have some introductory background in genomics and computing (e.g. completed the GeSS or RSF introductory courses or something comparable).

Questions? Contact for more information.

This course is supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – National Institute on Aging (NIA) R25 AG 053227